ATHMA ONLINE, is a Malayalam Art and Cultural Journal. Started publishing online in 2017, Journal covers art, literature, theatre, cinema, music, dance, photography and many more. The content of the magazine includes news, features, and columns on art, literature and more. Performances, Exhibitions, Workshops, Releases in the art and cultural industry are given extra importance. It has a readership of over 1,50,000 internationally.
Artists and Writers are more celebrated if they are above a creamy layer. But, a wide variety of art and artists, remain unexplored and undocumented, especially that of folk art forms. Many are not getting deserved recognition in the mainstream media. Athma has an aim to bring forward such artists too to the limelight. Now we are in a move to create profiles of all artists and writers all over Kerala. We assure that these profiles will be well and enough for the artists to achieve a high social reach.
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