ATHMAHEALTH.COM , is an Online Health Journal, by ATHMA. We aimed at bringing health care providers and seekers a single platform to effectively and efficiently propagate the facilities and advancements in healthcare. will carry news break from the healthcare industry. News and views must be authentic, especially when it comes to healthcare. Unfortunately, more fake news are propagated in this area. This is why we have launched a popular podium to share scientific and authentic news in health. And we contribute authentic advices and suggestions that will help control epidemic breakouts.
In Addition, We also share features, articles, tips etc related to health awareness, fitness, beauty etc. Our blood donors forum help people to find donors from their domain at any time.
ATHMA HEALTH, is creating profiles of personalities engaged in Health Care Sector. We believe, such an initiative would serve best to bring about an easy connection between common people and health care authorities.
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