Dora Beauty Studio Wall Art: Beauty in Every Stroke

Dora Beauty Studio Wall Art


Shabeer Saleel Associates


Dora Beauty World


Wall Art


Kollam, Kerala

The Project

We had the pleasure of creating an amazing piece of wall art for Dora Beauty Studio. Our goal was to make their space a showcase for elegance and design that also reflected the studio’s wide range of services. The wall art expertly portrays the essence of unisex salon services. Every element was carefully designed to demonstrate the studio’s know-how and commitment to increasing beauty and confidence. In order to match the studio’s dedication to grooming and attractiveness, we intended to combine aesthetics and utility through this project.


Creating the wall art for Dora Beauty Studio posed specific challenges, addressed through:

  • Limited Space: Designing within confined dimensions while showcasing a range of services cohesively.
  • Detail Integration: Meticulously incorporating intricate details of various beauty services without losing overall visual harmony.

Navigating these challenges involved careful planning, artistic finesse, and a deep understanding of the studio’s diverse offerings, resulting in a visually appealing and comprehensive wall art representing their services impeccably.

Our Approach

The Dora Beauty Studio wall art was approached with a methodical fusion of creativity and accuracy. We made sure that every aspect of the client’s varied services was accurately portrayed by starting with a thorough comprehension of them. Every brushstroke and shape was carefully prepared to precisely depict complex beauty procedures. Attention to detail was of the utmost importance. The finished piece of wall art is visually appealing and well-balanced, reflecting the studio’s wide range of services and blending in perfectly with its environment.

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